Thursday, December 30, 2004

What Would You Do For Money?

It's a question I'm chewing on as the I count my numbered days of gainful employment.

While I scan the want ads and network with the connected people I know, I am also contemplating the very worst; that first day when I realize I can't bank on money coming in (okay, I had to use it.)

That's one of my all time, greatest fears. Not a dime to anticipate.


I don't need to be rolling in the cash, I long got cut off from my silver spoon, thrust into the world with two fists and a sponge for brains. Somehow I managed to putter along nicely in the world of television journalism. But my love affair with five second soundbites and nickel words is over, and now I'm working to find my next day's work.

However, until I slip into that spot I'm destined to fill, I may have to pass the days and save my dimes the all-American way: with old fashioned sweat equity (or at least in a few jobs I'd rather omit from my resume.)

The options:

Waiting Tables
I did this in the summers of my high school and college years. It's a lucrative job if you can find the right spot. I don't know if my many years off the circuit has 86ed the serving talents from my internal hard drive... I may soon get a chance to see if I can remember the difference between a martini and Gibson (well, okay, I know that one...)

I still moonlight as a babysitter for three different families. Very lucrative but not as predictable. Maybe I could whore myself out to the Soccer Mom set. Picture it: Black business cards with "Mother's Little Helper" printed in silver with a hip font. I could hand them out at playgrounds, malls and at the gym... hmm. This could work, but I don't want to babysit for the rest of my life... so I may need to consider other options.

Selling Plasma
Never done it. I dunno, it smacks of medical prostitution, but there are days when I think I'm hard up enough that I'd give it a try (I live paycheck to paycheck folks, and I don't put a whole lot of planning into my budget. Yes, this is a huge mistake). I know folks who have gone under the needle for a quick 35 bucks, "You get to watch movies," they say. I don't know... somehow the chance to watch Weekend at Bernies doesn't seem to make it all better, you know?

This option really isn't one. Lots of folks make great money selling stuff at the mall, but they probably don't have Retail Therapy issues. I know that if I put a week of honest work in at The Gap, I'd still end up owing them money. I'd take home every damn sweater set or cute little jacket before they even made it to the front of the store. I suppose I could work in a store where I really wouldn't buy stuff... I'm just at a loss for what kind of store that'd be. I'd buy shoes, candles, diamonds, lotion, cosmetics or just about anything else featured in any store. This option is trouble with a capital T.

Hmmm. I need to consider my options a little more.


Unknown said...

In my early 20's I had a bit of a financial mishap, ok my sister had a bit of a financial mishap, and I needed money quick.

I got a job at Hooters. I made a ton of money, like $400 a day.

It sucked having your butt hang out like that, and thank God I only had to do it for 3 months, but it got my sister out of the hole, and me on really good financial ground.

Micah said...

One word: temp. Usually the work is easy-to-brain dead and if you don't like your assignment you can quit. The downsides are that work isn't guarenteed and there are no benefits. I've done it a bunch in the past and will likely resume shortly - my money pile is getting rather low.