Friday, December 17, 2004

What You Waiting For?

Oh, to be a fly on the wall inside my brain.

The things that bug would see...

Right now my brain loses all control over my body movements any time I hear Gwen's song What You Waiting For?

At a moment's notice, my ass will pop out of the seat it's sitting in and start shaking around like it's my job. Earlier the song came on Launch Radio... and in a reaction akin to Pavlov's Dog, I popped out of my seat and started wiggling around like a hoochie in a rap video. SIDEBAR: I have this one dance move I like to use when I'm out at the clubs (more infrequently these days) where I shake my butt like, well... I guess you could say "a Polaroid picture." Years ago I started calling it my Carmen Electra move (when I did it at ICE in Vegas... the guy I was dancing with asked me if I was a dancer."What kind of a dancer?", I replied. Yes, he thought I was that kind of dancer. I took it as a compliment). So tonight, while the rest of the world is sleeping, I'm working the graveyard shift and shaking my moneymaker in blue velvet pants.

She's SO Hot

Every time I hear this song of Gwen's, it gets me thinking: What am I waiting for? Lots of us roam the earth waiting for the next best thing to come our way. It started when we were young: Waiting for High School, Waiting to Graduate, Waiting for The First Job. As time marches on, we're always waiting. Waiting for the good life, waiting for the day that everything's gonna be alright. Passing the days until we get that promotion, fall in love, have a baby, retire. Turning the pages of the calendar until we make it to that place where we can thrust our arms out and say "I've Arrived."

But if we sit around on our asses, waiting for that day to arrive... our rears will get pretty sore. John Lennon said "Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans." I've come to realize just how true that is. Life is all about making things happen on your own. Sometimes destiny/God will step in and help us out with the direction we're headed, but the gift of free will lets us have a hand in where we end up, too.

So what are YOU waiting for? Is there something you really want out of life? Do you think everything will be all good once you get it?

Well then, go get it. Sure, it sounds way easier than it really is... especially if what you want is a new husband, a new career or a new baby (all on my list). But with a little hard work, anything's possible.

"Look at your watch now. You're a super hot female. You got your million dollar contract. And they're all waiting for your hot track... Take a chance you stupid ho."


Anonymous said... Jay

Shake that bon bon! : )

Micah said...

At least you don't wig out to Mary Hart's voice.

Pink Sun Drops said...

Hi Kate! Coming over from Pink Poppy's to send a little Christmas cheer to one of her golden rings!

I just LOVE to hear about people getting up and DANCING. I do it when I'm by myself - that and drunk. I just wish I had enough of the booty shakin' confidence to do it anytime I feel like it.

I DO have a dream, and I am living it. It IS my hubby, and my babies. I didn't really have a dream until the first one happened but since then it's become what I want in my life. I hear this song that says, "This is your life, are you who you want to be?" and I think to myself, yes, I am. That is, as long as it's a good day with the kids :) and I'm being the Mom and wife and person I WANT to be, instead of the "other" person who comes out sometimes. I don't know WHO that is.

Rachel said...

Hello, I'm just stopping by from Pink Poppy's to visit one of the golden rings. I met Gwen once, I even have her autograph. It was right around when Tragic Kingdom came out. She is stunning and bad ass in concert. If you haven't seen her live, you should do so.

spydrz said...

Keep up the hard work Kate!!