Friday, December 24, 2004

Happy Christmas Eve...

First, the essentials:
Cold toes - check
Three cups of coffee and a full bladder needing to be emptied - check
Four presents still needing to be wrapped and five stockings waiting to be filled - check
Stinky body waiting for my turn in the shower - check
Anxious, no dying for a walk by the water at the end of the street - check
Six loved ones gathered under one roof for 2 1/2 more days - check

My middle sister * and I are having a great time hanging out, though she gets along better with my mom than I do (they're cut from the same cloth), so I am a pinch jealous * wants to hang out with mom... when I would like a wee bit of time with * to myself.

The baby sister + is 18, so she's pretty indifferent about the whole lot of us, and actually would rather spend time with her best friend A, on break from college. + does, from time to time, kiss my ass because she is hoping to get in to The Greatest University in America, and she'd like my help, the proud alumna that I am.

I better go. + just got home, and she's the most likely to bust me about my blogging habit. I'm still in the closet, so to speak. Mine is a family that, I think, just wouldn't understand.

Merry Christmas if I don't post before then :) I hope you find everything you want underneath The Tree.

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