Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I feel really full right now, and I'm comfortable with that.

What a statement, considering way back in the day (high school) I used to throw up on purpose when I ate too much.

Now I choose to either suffer the consequences when eating too much, or I work (sometimes really hard) to be a bit more responsible with what I choose to eat.

The Tuesday Breakfast Club may officially have been started.

I'm one of those people person types. You know, the kind of person who just loves getting to know other people. The bus driver, the hot guy at the trendy bar, the coworker who sits next to me. I've never had a tough time talking to people, and so I'm usually guilty of trying to incite others into participating into some kind of social behavior, legal or otherwise.

We're two weeks into a breakfast pattern, myself and three other co-workers. They're a fun bunch with a motley set of characteristics. The personalities together provide lots of opportunities for laughing and sparring. Two of my favorite things.

Anyway. On the menu this morning: a great Bloody Mary, a Veggie Omlet and goetta. It's VERY Cincinnati.
I suppose I can give a green light to such a comfortable breakfast, considering my 22 mile bike ride yesterday. I did about 16 and a half yesterday morning right after work with one of my morning anchors. It's on a trail that runs along the Little Miami River. Very peaceful and scenic. After she chided me about not wearing a helmet, my guide and I set out with our water bottles and determination. Now, this chick does bi and triathalons. Me? I do knitting. So anyway, I was certainly putting more gusto into my bike ride than she was, but I was happy when she complimented me on my speed and said that if I kept it up, I'd have some great endurance.

That made me feel good. Somebody once told me the best, cheapest thing you can give is a genuine compliment. It has a way of making somebody feel so darn good, and it really is no skin off your back.

The one thing that did not feel good was my butt. The bike seat, as I've already addressed, is about as hard as rocks. This aspect of the bike ride was -not- comfortable.

Well anyway. I went home and somewhere between Ellen and Passions I fell asleep. I woke up to a phone call of another coworker asking me if I wanted to go on a bike ride with him.

Well, golly gee. I already logged 16 miles. What's five and a half more?

This time, we rode around Cincinnati's older airport. Also peaceful and serene, but this particular location is cool because you get to watch little Cessnas and Leer jets take off and land. My muscles weren't too thrilled with the fact I interrupted their rest, but oh well.

You know? I don't think I'd ever done that before. Ride a bike for 22 miles. I guess I can cross that accomplishment off the list.

Today is shaping up to be a gorgeous one. I'm still having trouble sleeping, so I'm thinking about strapping on the swimsuit and finding a little, secluded place to catch some sun. It would be a perfect opportunity to betray my Vampire lifestyle.

A couple years ago I would have bristled at the thought of putting a suit on unless some kind of mandatory water activity was involved. But age and confidence has instilled in me some kind of brazen, almost nonchalant attitude where suits are concerned. Years ago I would have covered up and hid myself and my curves from the world, now I almost look for opportunities to show them off.

And I am very comfortable with that.


Micah said...

Well aren't you lil' Miss Lance Armstrong? Oh, wait - that's Sheryl Crow. My bad.

Kate The Great said...

Yeah, but my body disagrees. The couch feels very betrayed and my legs aren't used to this much action since I was Lexington's dancing queen 1997.

spydrz said...

That goetta sounds really good. If ever I make it to Cincy, it's on my menu!