Wednesday, May 11, 2005

From The Wires

If there's hope for Bridget Jones, then there's hope for me

So, maybe Wacko Jacko likes girls, too?

Now, aren't the Secret Service agents supposed to catch these kinds of incidents?

"This can't happen here." Oh, but it can.

The essence of authentic journalism hinges on this decision.

And the kicker: I can't wait to get licked in Columbus


Micah said...

New Stones tour: nice. New Stones album: boo. They should really hang up the recording thing. And it looks like you'll be getting your $250 dream ticket.

And I thought Zellweger was still going out with Jack White. Shows how out of the loop that I am. Why was I not informed?

Kate The Great said...

Zellweger WAS going out with Jack White, like, a minute ago. Seriously, she met the man in the cowboy hat in January.

Kate the Great gives this one 2 years tops.