Friday, May 27, 2005

Kate The Great: Princess of Quite-a-Lot

Pssssst. Hey you.

Yeah, YOU!

I've got a secret for you, and it's about every little girl's biggest fantasy.

She wants to wear a big princess dress and be whisked away by Prince Charming to a place where they live happily ever after in a big, fancy castle.

So far, my apartment is anything but castle-icious, and the closest thing I have to Prince Charming is a yippy neighbor-dog who stands watch on the front porch next to mine.

Princess is one thing I'm not.

But one little thing can change all that:

This is perfect for the Princess inside everyone.

One of my favorite fashion/trend websites is featuring these stunning crowns. They're custom made for each wearer and big enough to catch the roving eye of any Prince Charming. Added bonus: it's sparkly. I can't tell you how much I love sparkly things.

Studio doesn't offer these directly on-line, nor do they have the prices on their website, so I may have to investigate just how much one of these would set a girl back.

Oh, and if I start wearing one, there's no need to genuflect or kiss my hand.


Anonymous said...

You crack me up! Love the blog. I only WISH I were a GOP Big Wig. Although at this point I would rather take the title SAHM. You are a clever girl. I am going to let you figure that out. We talked about the possiblities yesterday during coffee.

Kate The Great said...

You would be a wonderful SAHM! And I don't think you would miss Frankfort one bit ;)