Wednesday, May 11, 2005

SO, you like to watch?

Just a shout out to the new voyeurs checking out My Random Musings (and you know who you are).

I promise I won't say anything bad about y'all. Well, unless you give me something to talk about.

Cheers ;)


Vertical Man said...

Is it I? You can return the favor at

Kate The Great said...

S Davis! Hola! I've seen you around these parts. I actually have visited your site before, and let me tell you, you are one amazing man. I feel like a champion spending an hour on the elliptical or going out for a bike ride,,, but you,,, well you put me to shame.

I've got to take my Cannondale in for a tune up, and I'm sure the bike shop crew is gonna laugh when they hear what I use it for (trips to the store and the occasional cruise around the block.)

Vertical Man said...

Hey, no problem! At least you have a Cannondale - that's a great first step! BTW, belated best wishes for success in the new job.