Monday, May 23, 2005


Snippets of my weekend conversations:

Friday Night
Me: This place is full of hot girls. I'm not a hot girl. I'm a cute girl.
C: But cute girls are the kinds of girls they want to marry.

Saturday Night
Z: Geeze, Kate. The fun meter (at the old Lex. TV station) has totally gone down since you left.
The funny thing is, this guy started working at the station only a week before I left!


S: So how's the man hunt now that you're in Cincinnati?
Me: I've got a few prospects but we'll see. I just am taking things as they come. Resisting any urge to start picking out china.
S (to her boyfriend): See?! That's what girls do. No matter when they meet a guy, they wonder whether he'd be a good husband. You? You guys wonder what a girl will be like in bed. Even if she's pouring your coffee.

Sunday Evening
L: Wow. I've never done this before. I saw you walking on the street and just love your pink shirt. Are you single? Do you want to go out sometime?... ...I'm a black man trapped in a white man's body... ...I just want to find my curvy aphrodite.
Me: Stunned look on my face

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Micah said...

The conversation snippet for Friday night is what we call The Truth.