Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Dip, Baby, Dip

Today in Cincinnati: A high of 81 degrees, chance of a few showers

The warm temps remind me that summer is just around the corner. Summer elicits so many memories for me: The smell of suntan lotion. The feel of a freshly-washed, cute, cotton top on my tan skin. The way the breeze wafts through the screened windows on a Saturday night. Watermelon juice running down sticky hands during an afternoon picnic. Sitting on the back porch on a Friday afternoon with a margarita in hand and Bob Marley on the stereo.

Look around, and you'll find all kinds of reminders that summer is just weeks away.

One of my big reminders is the J-Crew catalog on the floor in my bedroom. I just ordered my bikini yesterday and became quite aware just how soon I'll likely be in it.

My sweet tooth has not apparently picked up on these reminders.

After months of indulging every whim (Graeters Ice Cream, Busken Bakery, Derby Pie, Dewey's Pizza to list just a few no-nos), my midsection is a bit, how do you say, round?

The skinny clothes in my closet are so lonely. After months of hanging during the colder months, now the sunshine's here, but my skinny body's not. They're left waiting until I can chisel a couple (okay, maybe a few) pounds off my physique.

But this new suit in the mail... it should be the perfect incentive.

We'll see.


Hasselback said...

I have resigned myself to existing in a perpetual state of "summer."

This island thing is really kind of neat. Although, I think I will eventually come to miss the variation.

On the subject of swimwear...hopefully I'll be able to keep the weight off that I lost in Tokyo. Otherwise, methinks that I'll have well-intentioned tourists trying to "un-beach" me.

Micah said...

I like spring a whole lot, but I'll take the 80 degree temps over the mid-May snow. I broke out the flip-flops the other day, which is great. In the summer I try to avoid socks whenever possible.

Remember to keep George wet at all times. Heh heh, just kidding, bud. That's great about the weight loss. Cut back on the beer (it's made with formaldehyde over there, you know) and you should be fine. Of course, that's like asking...someone...to give up something...they really like. (It's late)