Thursday, May 26, 2005

Murk Yo Ass

A photographer's camera catches all kinds of unexpected things when it's out on a live scene.

Sometimes it's a mother's anguish, tears streaming down her face as she's clutching a dead child in her bathrobe.

Other times its some pretty candid crack whores describing (very frankly, I might add) how they were meeting up with some guys in a hotel room for some crack when the men tied them up and forced them to have sex.

Just another day on the job for them, I guess.

Other times, us sheltered folks are introduced to the finer points of the ghetto, especially it's vernacular. Bitch.

This morning around 2:00 we had a cop shoot some guy in the street. The crowd apparently got a bit miffed and told our cameras "That cop murked his ass."

Murked? Well, you don't say.

A survey around the newsroom around 4:00 turned up nothing. So where does a fly betty go to get the 411 on slammin' speak?

The Urban Dictionary, of course.

Murk apparently has a murky definition. But I still think it doesn't pass for every day "conversational copy."

Anchor Joe: In other news, a Townsville police officer went off and murked a G with his glock 9 and a billy club.



spydrz said...

That's a new one. My friends live in the ghetto because they run an inner-city tutoring program for kids...I'll ask them if they've heard it.

Micah said...

I always thought "to murk" meant "to smurf," as in "I got smurfed."

Kate The Great said...

What? Smurfed? What the hell is that, a synonym? Sounds kinda dirty,,,

And besides, why was there only one chick? Was Smurfette a hoochie mama?