Sunday, September 04, 2005

I Keep Getting Richer

So my heiress status continues to grow.

I'm now worth about seven million bucks. Oh, if only it were real. I'd be getting my 420 CLK pronto.


Micah said...

I laugh at your $7M. Currently, I'm at $20,255,809.25. You know, if we combined our assets, we could make quite the Power Couple.

We'd be all the rage in imaginary society.

Kate The Great said...

We WOULD be quite the power couple. We'd have a cool house and you would be in charge of all the grilling, while I would be mistress of the Kitchen Aid mixer. And then you would be caught with someone with the screen name DolphinPrincess79 and then we'd break up.

And the rumors would take over the blogosphere.