Tuesday, September 27, 2005

RIP Gretta Jetta 1995 - 2005

Why does this whole bumming for rides thing feel so damn familiar?

Our dearly departed Jetta left us for greener pastures Tuesday afternoon. The experts did all they could, installing a new radiator hose and thermostat. But alas, she fell ill with fever and could not quite get her temperature down like she used to.

I need some real advice on buying cars. I'm ponying up sometime this weekend.

Long and short of what I've heard: Buy a Honda or Toyota.

My hip factor kind of cringes at driving something so, well, bland but reliable.

But then, 30 is not that far off in the distance so maybe it's time to ditch my marching to the beat of a different drummer thing.

Dad says I should pay cash for a beater and limp along until I have cash to buy something else.

I don't know how down I am with that idea.

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