Thursday, September 08, 2005

We Are The World: Part Two... And Other Random Musings

Michael Jackson is coming out with a new single to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. He wants new celebrities to get on board.

But c'mon. Would you really buy it?


That new movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose looks effin' scary. I really want to go see it only because there are few thrillers that rattle my cage. All those other suspense flicks are, well, okay. But this shit about the devil, it has a way of pressing my God-Fearing-Catholic buttons. I clicked on the trailer and just that gutteral moaning had me jumping out of my skin. I was literally shrieking at my desk. The Guy Who Sits Next To Me says he won't go see the flick with me. I guess I don't blame him.

But I digress.


My birthday is in less than three months, and I say it's never too early to start planning. What should a girl do to kick off the last year of her 20s? I'm thinking big. Like maybe a vodka ice luge? All night limo ride? Okay, it's not Vegas, but I'm hoping for the next best thing.


What's up with the rumors claiming Yasser Arafat had AIDS? My old stand by The NYT says it's not so, but lots of other journalists in the Middle East say that's the case. The guy's been dead since November. Let him stay dead. Gosh, they're always looking for something to fight about over there.


As I've said before, I loves me some Fitty Cent. I don't know why, but the ghetto thug, iced-out-with-a-wifebeater look is kinda hot. Must be because it's the complete antithesis of my white bread, livin'-in-the-suburbs-riding-around-in-the-back-of-a-Volvo childhood.

Anyway. A plot to kill a rap mogul? Now there's something that's unheard of. How will Jacob the Jeweler stay in business?

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Michael Hickerson said...

You could party with me....oh wait...except I can be kinda boring.

WE could watch UT play Kentukcy in a sporting event and argue about it....