Thursday, September 29, 2005

Lookin' For A Whip

I checked out a few rides yesterday.

I saw a '99 black Audi convertible, an '01 VW Cabrio and a few Hondas/Camrys.

Me likes the Audi but its got a gazillion miles on it (okay, really only 108,000k). It's soo sexy. Shiny and black with a black top. We'll see.

I'm checking out a Saab today. It's a 2001 9-3. Stick shift, moonroof, CD player. They're asking $11,500 but I think I can get it for $9,500.

I'll keep you posted.


Vertical Man said...

I love Audis, in fact I love all German cars, but at 100k miles they can get REALLY expensive to maintain. Saabs are not any better. Not a reason to avoid the cars, just to budget accordingly.

Micah said...

So, did you get a new ride?

Coincidentally, my other Cincy friend (remember Mindy?) just bought a Hyundai after her Mustang* died. She's loving it.

*car, not horse