Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Party Girl's Low Budget Blues

So I am ghetto poor right now.

Sunday someone asked me what the difference was between being just poor and ghetto poor. "Ghetto poor is when you consider committing crimes to stay afloat," was my response. Okay, so maybe that's a stretch, but right now my goal is to be fairly debt free by the end of the calendar year, so that means a drastic tightening of the financial reins.

So this party girl is looking for ways to draw out a dollar.

Tonight I'm going to opening night of Evita at Cincinnati's Aronoff Center. I am so looking forward to the show; Don't Cry For Me, Argentina was my audition song for performances in high school. The other great thing about the show is it's scott free. Cincinnati's Broadway series is sponsored by my station's parent company, so I get season tickets for free.

Now, that's a cheap thrill.

This coming Sunday I'm invited to a Bengals party. I'm happy to drink free beer and munch on free food in exchange for bringing a dish with me.

Before that, the Cincinnati Art Museum is kicking off it's annual One World Series, which showcases art, food and drink from remote reaches of the world. Wednesday is all about Japan, and I can get in free because I'm a member of the art museum.

What's your favorite way to trim the fat from your social budget? A thrifty gal is always looking for a hot tip.


Michael Hickerson said...

Well, there is the whole not ever dating thing....that seems to work for me. LOL

Micah said...

Michael and I must have the same life coach. It really does save you a TON of money. Even more than switching to Geico.