Thursday, September 01, 2005

Dear Diary,

It's been a while since I sat down with my newly sharpened pencil and jotted a few lines on your pages. There are so many things I've been wondering about. Why did Ground Chuck bring me apples to work? Why did that guy from Seattle pounce on me at the German Fest? Why am I fighting off that crush that's growing for Someone Who Remains Nameless (that probably has a few of you wondering, doesn't it?)

I had a really nice time this weekend seeing all my friends. Friday night I went out to a bar on Main Street and drank my fair share and then some at a Happy Hour for young professionals. Lots of young people, but I don't know what they'd be considered professionals of.

But I digress.

Saturday was action packed and full of extremes. I started my day at 12:30 (yes, there was some grand sleeping in to be done) at a Cincinnati country club for a pool party. It was thrown by the mother of one of my best friends GOP Big Wig, and everything was lovely. The cake was shaped like a giant, green flip-flop with pink flowers, perfectly matching the invites. It felt great sipping on a Bloody Marys, digging in to some great barbeque and visiting with friends. Of all my friends, GOP Big Wig has the most impeccable style, and a lot of her friends are the same way; all lovely, all dressed to a T, and all uber-nice. The party was a stunning way to spend the afternoon.

Saturday night was a bit more of a melee. D Money and I went to an Oktoberfest celebration (in August, I wonder?) and had a great time. We rolled out with her brother and his friend (two American Heroes back in the states after serving in Iraq) and caught up with the guy D is dating and some of his pals. The whole thing was wild. Pour some German beer, add a wild crew and stir.

Ziga zaga ziga zaga oi oi oi!

After a few dramatic pictures of varying poses, including one surprise snapshot that featured a boy with his lips square on mine, we all (yes all seven of us) crammed in D's car and made it to our hotel for the night.

Oh, mind your manners and wash that dirty mind of yours.


The craziness continued. One grown man ended up swimming in the hotel pool in his green, suede lederhosen (not to mention a very wet cell phone). We also had a grown man peeing in the sink of the wet bar. Someone ended up kissing someone else, and we had two hot guys in one bed just dying for a chick to get in the middle.

Don't you love how I can switch from descriptive to vague like *that*?

It was a crazy weekend, one that warranted some rest and reflection before I felt comfortable posting about it. Okay, so maybe that's not true, but it sounds like a good excuse, doesn't it?

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