Saturday, September 17, 2005

Sorry To Disappoint You

Some of you all have gotten here by searching the Web for some racy stuff.

According to my counter, you're looking for:

Hot woman in overalls
Girl with bra off
crazy pictures mardi gras

And some of you are still coming here looking for pics of Gwen Stefani.

Sorry you tumbled into a blog about little ol' me ;)



Hasselback said...


Now that's a rarefied turn-on...

I don't know why, but I'm thinking of banjo music for some reason.

Vinod said...

nice blog kate. I didn't find your blog while searching for "girl with bra off" or anything like that (found your blog listed on

Kate The Great said...

Vinod, welcome to my literary playground. It's about as whimsical as anything you'd see at the Guggenheim. Smart ass, sexy, silly and serious all rolled in to one. Did I mention I love alliteration? Come back any time ;)

Michael Hickerson said... I was hoping!