Wednesday, January 18, 2006

If You Do One Thing This Week, Buy This Book

I read this book by Elie Weisel (pronounced like Eli, not like Miss Ellie from Dallas) oh, at least ten years ago and it left a vivid imprint on my brain.

The story is Weisel's account of the Holocaust. I've been passionately interested in the topic ever since I was in high school (even visiting a concentration camp in Germany) and this is one of the better books I've read on the period, aside from Anne Frank's journal.

The book just became Oprah's book club choice, trumping the recent controversy of A Million Little Pieces.

Right now you can get Night at Barnes and Noble for I think about 12 bucks.

Well worth the price.

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spydrz said...

Mr. Wiesel came to my university and gave a lecture on his experiences during the holocaust...I'd read (and own) the book, so to see him, and hear him speak...was moving, to say the least.