Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My Name Is Kate, And I am a Quirkyalone

It sounds like an ailment befitting of a 12 step program, but it's actually not an ailment at all.

It's a philosophy about love, life and singlehood vs. togetherness.

I ran across this revolution while at the book store Tuesday.

Quirkyalone: noun/adj. A person who enjoys being single (but is not opposed to being in a relationship) and generally prefers to be alone rather than dating for the sake of being in a couple. With unique traits and an optimistic spirit; a sensibility that transcends relationship status. See also quirkytogether, perkytogether, quirkyslut.

Well, hot damn, Jethro. I think we just found us an explanation for the last 29 years of my life.

The website offers a quiz to see if you're quirkyalone. I scored a 102, placing me in the Very quirkyalone catagory: Relatives may give you quizzical looks, and so may friends, but you know in your heart of hearts that you are following your inner voice. Though you may not be romancing a single person, you are romancing the world. Celebrate your freedom on National Quirkyalone Day, February 14th!

True, I do not rack up relationships like those new state quarters you've been saving in your piggy bank. The fact is I am quite choosy because, well, I quite enjoy my time alone and will only take a chance on my happiness with a possibility that appears to have lots of potential.

And well, folks, those relationships are few and far between these days.

Take a look at the divorce rate. The number of failed engagements you know. And really, how happy is that dude you know who always has a girlfriend? Is he basking in the bliss of relationshiphood with Kelly/Donna/Brenda whatshername? Or is it more a relationship out of the need to be in a relationship?

Like the book/website says: quirkyalone is not -against- the idea of love. The fact is, I am enraptured with the idea of love. Can't wait until I can dedicate my life to someone and a relationship that just exudes eternal happiness. But until that guy comes along, I'm not going to tie myself down (and lose all the freedoms/experiences I've come to enjoy as a free-bird chick) with some Joe Everyman just so I have someone for whom I can buy Valentines Day presents and take home to the Fourth of July clambake.

"For the quirkyalone, there is no patience for dating just for the sake of not being alone. We want a miracle. Out of millions, we have to find the one who will understand.

Better to be untethered and open to possibility: living for the exhilaration of meeting someone new, of not knowing what the night will bring. We quirkyalones seek momentous meetings."

It feels kind of wonderful to read about a theory that completely justifies something you've been questioning for at least the past ten years.


Unknown said...

Good God Kate, I could have wrote this. I think a lot of people just do not understand people that can be quite content on their own.

Anonymous said...

I think I might be quirky alone as well. The definition fits. Sometimes I wonder if I'm quirky alone because I want to be or because I don't have another option. Heaven is not having to share a bathroom or closet!

Jeregano said...

I got a 110 on the test!