Sunday, January 08, 2006

T-Minus 60 Minutes and Counting

On the way to the bar.

Who Dey!!

01/09 update:
Well, my verbal outbursts betrayed my ladylike appearance, what with my big, burnt orange sunhat. Still, the game was captivating and adrenaline inducing until about the latter part of the third quarter.

Even with the hit on Carson in the second play.

Nonetheless, props to the boys in stripes for a great season. Kitna deserves a pat on the back for stepping up to the plate for a nervewracking, impossible challenge. For a guy that saw little time on the field during regular season, he did alright.

My fingers are crossed that surgeons are successful in repairing CP's ACL. In the meantime, he needs to go buy himself one of those hot tubs that he got each member of his O line.

Here's to next year...

Who dey!


Anonymous said...

Why are you at a bar if you're an alcoholic?

Kate The Great said...

Oh, hon. That's cute.

Actually, I think I've adequately explained myself on this blog regarding that subject, and I certainly am not obligated to explain myself to you.

But for the record, I'm not an alcoholic.

Thanks for asking though.

But really. Let's consider that comment: I think it screams volumes about the kind of person you are. Are you hateful? Are you trying to make me feel some of your worthlessness? Are you jealous of someone who has a vibrant, engaging life?

Besides, alcoholic or not, I think it's a no-brainer as to why someone with a drinking problem would be in a bar.

Why don't you ask a horribly obese person why they eat? Why they continue to engorge themselves with hideously fattening food?
Why does someone with lung cancer repeatedly wrap their big, DSL lips around a cigarette?

I'm no Oprah or Dr. Phil, but Kate sez the answer is pretty clear.

Here's something better to consider: Instead of leaving comments on blogs at 12:22 in the morning, why don't you go out to a bar, bookstore, museum or some other spot and interact with the people in this world. They're going to give you a better chance at having a life than that damn keyboard you're pounding away at.


PS: I thought everyone was mature enough around here. That's why I kept the free commenting up.

I guess I'm going to have to moderate what people say again. Damn, I hate doing that.

Way to go, Ace.