Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Theatre For One

So, I have tickets to the theatre tonight, and no one to go with.

My date cancelled on me, so I am left hanging with a pair of tickets to see Golda's Balcony (about Golda Meir, if you didn't know) starring Valerie Harper. Should be great, so I am considering going it alone.

I'm a big girl, and big girls do things like that - go the the theatre alone, that is.

I also have tickets to see Thom Pain:Based on Nothing for tomorrow night. It's also in monologue format and was a 2005 Pulitzer Prize finalist.

Not too shabby.

Anyway, don't know if anyone will go with me to that.

Thursday my standard sidekick (or should I say henchwoman? Ha ha!! that's a post for another day) and I are going to the Bacchanalian Society's seasonal wine tasting. This time it's all about chianti, and I am thinking this is going to open us to a completely different set of rarified air, at least where men are concerned.

It's nice, working some things into the weekly social calendar, but honestly. I don't know when I'm going to find time to sleep...


Me! said...

Hey you have one blog reader that's local!

Kate The Great said...

I know! I wish we could have some kind of happy hour or something with all the Cincinnati bloggers... it would be really cool to meet each other!

Anonymous said...

Your henchwoman must be a real b****!

Kate The Great said...

Oh Cheers. Such a bitch. But I love her! Seriously, I need some of the henchwoman-dom to rub off me!