Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sweeping Out The Corner Of My Brain

Random Crumbs:

- I feel like Sleeping Beauty. After I had my requisite two hour map yesterday, I decided to down two melatonin pills and literally sleep the day away. I had a couple hours of vertical time in the afternoon, but decided to hunker down after I realized the sleeping pill hangover just wasn't going away.

So that's what hibernation must feel like.

- I am waiting for my test results on my ultrasound. Hopefully one of my major internal organs is okay. In the meantime I am going to plot how I'd like to spend my life should the doctors tell me I have, like, six weeks to live. I'm thinking nothing but Cristal and ice, baby. Seriously, I think everything is okay, but I am taking a proactive step today to help make my life a little more healthy. No day like today to think about tomorrow...

- My apartment looks pretty damn clean, and I had no idea how happy that would make me. Pillows fluffed in all the appropriate places, dishes neatly stacked away and aprons hung by the pantry. Martha would be so proud. Well, except for my bedroom, which looks pretty much like a laundromat threw up in a big ass walk-in closet.

- Having lunch with that chick from my childhood. Should be alright, but I know it's going to be rough moment. That conversation train is going to be riding hard on one track with no diversions. Unfortunately I don't have the information she wants. La de da, la de da...

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