Sunday, January 01, 2006

Resolutions: 2006

So many goals, only 365 days, here's to hoping I can accomplish a few of them.

-Only The Good Die Young. The rest of us have to go to Church. I've been making it to mass at St. Mary's in Hyde Park every other week, but I'd like to make it a weekly occurance. And I might as well be a big girl and become a member while I'm at it.

-Cleanliness is next to Godliness. I need to work on keeping a clean house. Sometimes playing Bachelorette Pad can totally defeat the purpose when wanting to invite people over. Especially special people.

-Push It Good. Doesn't everybody pick weight loss? I am paying a pretty penny to be a member at Cincinnati's best gym and I don't think I've been there once in the past month. I had a good week in November, but unfortunately this whacked out schedule has made me more of a passive member.

-Money Makes the World Go Round. Now that I'm paying my bills on time, I would like to work on putting some extra cash in the bank. I think it's smart to have a little cash tucked away in case my Saab has a hiccup or I decide to give in and buy those Coach galoshes I heart.

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Michael Hickerson said...

Plus..if you plan to join the church, the minister might drop by and you don't want him to see the house looking less than cleanly...:)