Thursday, October 05, 2006

Big Deal

Jean Paul Gaultier is not trimming the fat from his latest designs.

The couture designer featured a large woman (some are estimating her to be a size 20, but I believe she's got to be a bit larger than that), complete in corset and garters, in his fashion show yesterday.

The New York Post wrote a really crappy review of the model's catwalk stroll.

Other articles are far more supportive. Click here. Click here. Click here.

I can't tell whether Gaultier is trying to use the curvy lady as a defiant example in support of the waif-like, super thin model set, or whether he actually thinks models could use some weight on 'em.

Sure, the chick isn't as hot as Heidi, Elle or Kate (not The Great) but she still looks beautiful in my book.


NB-C said...

My reaction is similiar to yours. I'm not sure what the statement is here, but I do think she HAS to be bigger than a 20. No offense, but he also could have found a little less scary bigger sized woman.

It's time to take a long, hard look at the way we judge beauty....I think it says something that the only sizes you can find at Old Navy are 0's and 1' one can wear that size! All the 12,14, and 16's are off the shelves in seconds.

Anonymous said...

Is that a large, furry rodent on her head?

Me! said...

Believe me, I wear a size 20. And that girl isn't a size 20. I would love to see beautiful bigger women modeling clothing and more designers creating clothing that look great on all body types. Like everyone else, who knows what that kook designer Jean Paul Gaultier was aspiring to with this one but it sure as hell makes me perplexed. Maybe next year Project Runway will design hoochie mama outfits for bigger gals. I'm just sayin'.

As for Old Navy and their lack of clothing sizes.... They actually have a "plus size" department at the Rookwood Commons store and used to have one at the Bridgewater Falls location. Due to lack of sales for that department though the Bridgewater Falls trimmed out the department all together. It's okay though. Their clothing quality was pretty much zilch. Tops? Sure. Bottoms, not so much. Is Lane Bryant the only store in a America that caters to big AND tall girls?

Okay, I'm off my soap box now.

Kate The Great said...

NB-C - agreed. I know lots of curvy girls with pretty faces... and I more "streamlined" curves. I think this stunt was perhaps not the best way into easing the world back into the Rubenesque era.

T2ed- The hair is scary. I believe the technical term is called rat's nest.

GAC- Lane Bryant is a good resource. I'm lucky enough to find what I need at the gap and Old Navy, sometimes Banana. STILL... I think America needs to wisen up and realize most of us ladies have some meat on our bones.

I fully believe those two model bee-otches wouldn't have fallen on their respective runways if they had eaten a sandwich before hitting the catwalk.