Wednesday, October 11, 2006

London Calling

Planning for London has hit a fever pitch. Here's what's cooking so far:

Thursday the 19th- Leave Cincinnati.

Friday AM - Arrive in London.
- Take a Double Decker Bus Tour (and included free boat cruise on the Thames). 16.5 p if booked online. The tickets are good for 24 hours and the buses allow passengers to get off at any of the 90 stops.
- Pubs at night.

Saturday - I may wake up early to check out one of the morning markets like at Portobello Road or Old Spitalfields. I don't know whether D Money or Southern Son will want to join me.
- St. Paul's Cathedral. The same place where Lady Di got married. 9p admission.
- Between 3 pm and 5:30 pm: Afternoon tea at The Strand @ the Thistle Charing Cross Hotel. At $32 American, it's not uber expensive, compared to the $70 at the Savoy/Ritz, etc.
- Authentic London club at night.

Sunday - Daytrip to Dover/Canterbury. Leave at 8:30 am, return around 6:30 pm.

Monday - Harrods. Free.

- Tate Modern Museum (I really want to see the slide exhibit that CBS did a story on yesterday). Free.
Maybe the London Eye millennium wheel. Hours 10 am to 8 pm. 13.5p admission. Supposed to have incredible, sweeping views of the city.

Tuesday - Travel to Edinburgh, Scotland

Wednesday - Return to London
- Jack the Ripper tour. 6.5p admission.

Thursday - Tower Bridge tour. 5.5p admission.

Return to U.S. Friday the 27th

There are still some holes in the trip and I am by no means nailed down to the intinerary (though the producer in me would like to have the vacation planned down to 15 minute increments). I've left out some of the major spots (Kensington Palace, Tower of London, etc.) because I've already been to them and Southern Son hasn't expressed any interest in going to them.

Any suggestions from the Anglophiles out there?


weenie said...

You have a lot packed into your trip already but if you have some spare time, then I'd recommend Covent Garden. Can't believe you're going to Edinburgh in the middle of the trip - I hope you're flying there and not driving! Enjoy your trip!

The Notorious N.A.T said...

Oh Kate, I am so envious of your trip across the pond. London calls out to me every once and awhile asking me to return - I think the only reason I haven't is because I wouldn't want to return home. I'm a sucker for a British accent and there's nothing like bad Brit food. Aaaah...Longing now.

Kate The Great said...

Nat - I want to go on another Big Girl trip next summer. I am thinking Italy. With fresh highlights and some wine - we would be all the rage. Italian men love American blondes! I'm thinking August. Wanna go? I've never been there before...

Denae said...

I'm def in on Saturday's plans if you don't mind. Also you forgot...GO OUT EVERY NIGHT. Okay, maybe not EVERY night but pretty much. I can't wait to see you sweetheart! Yes - bring your sleeping bag just in case. Maybe a towel too. Love you.