Monday, October 16, 2006

London: High Tea

So, this weekend my 20 year old sister asked me what I was going to do on the trip. I rattled off a list of things - double decker bus tour, St. Paul's Cathedral and high tea.

I got a raised eyebrow when I said that last one.

"High Tea? As in, like pot and stuff?"


No, Mickdizzle, High Tea or High Tea is a very formal tradition amongst those people who eat Bangers and Mash. The pomp and circumstance of dry tea leaves and hot water is celebrated with great reverence in England. The occasion usually includes little sandwiches (crusts cut off) made of cucumber, salmon with cream, egg and other tasty toppings.

Both high teas and afternoon teas (there is a difference) include special fancy pants things like silver tea servers, butlers with white gloves and cookies and cakes served on these special vertical contraptions that hold a tower of three plates loaded with goodies.

Oh, I forgot to tell you about the clotted cream.

I love clotted cream. It's an unusual thing. Softer than cream cheese, a bit more sticky and firm than sour cream, it has a mildly sweet flavor that's perfect for scones and other buttery breads.

For your drinking pleasure, there are more than several blends to pick. Irish Breakfast, chamomile, green tea. The list goes on and on.

I believe I'll be having high tea on Saturday, and there'll be nary a pot leaf in sight.


t2ed said...

Because there's nothing kids "on the dope" like more than smoking a bowl then scoring some Earl Grey.

Tea must be a gateway drug. It leads to stronger and stronger caffienated beverages. One day you're sipping a Morning Breakfast, the next you're hitting Starbucks for a Venti Triple Shot, then it's selling your tv for a case of Rockstar.

If it was really "High" Tea, they'd serve Funyuns and Ding Dongs instead of little sammiches with no crust.

Enjoy the trip.

Micah said...

I had tea (not sure if it was "high" or not) in Glasgow...or maybe it was Edinburgh. It was somewhere in Scotland. Anyway, my manhood be damned, it was a lot of fun.