Saturday, October 21, 2006

Bloody Good

I'm here stop London is everything I remembered and then some stop Polite accents and exciting scenes stop Apparently people here do not know what it means when an American says Excuse Me stop I suppose I should start saying Get the fuck out of the way bitch stop I am trying to singlehandedly change the way the globe thinks about Americans stop Many people tell me they mistakenly believe we are all stupid and arrogant stop I guess not all of us are stop.

Kate the Great

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NB-C said...

So glad to know that England is all you remembered. Stop. The wedding was a good time. Stop. Can't wait to hear of all your adventures. Stop. You can't change the way the Brits think of us Americans. Stop. Not on one visit anyway. Stop. Blame it on Bush. Stop. I know I do :)