Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Politicians are so slimy.

I went to a political debate last night and I thought I was going to walk out covered in that green crap made famous by "You Can't Do That On Television" on Nickelodeon...

Oh, Moose. Don't encourage him.

I hate the mud slinging, I hate the I told you so. I hate the smoke and mirrors. Thomas Jefferson would be so ashamed... At least I have a better idea of whom I'll be voting for.

Two weeks and one day until I go see The Queen. D Money tells me I should pack some punk wear as the folks in London Town like looking like the Sex Pistols et al. I guess I'll be bringing along my bike chain choker necklace, my pink wig and the chunky black shoes.

I am so so anxious for the trip. Already booked: a hotel room in Kensington, a day trip to Dover/Canterbury. Southern Son is supposedly booking the hotel room for our night in Edinburgh - No roaches, Kev! I am working on the itinerary right now and really want to work in a Saturday high tea, a boat ride on the Thames, a spin on the London Eye millennium wheel and a Jack the Ripper walking tour (per SS's request).

I am really not going to be able to contain my excitement until I get on that plane.

Mom and Dad are finally Cincinnatians. I was really sad last Friday, thinking about my parents and their final drive out of 15 Island Avenue in Connecticut. I went over Monday to check out the new house. My little sister was kind of worried it was going to be a busted, ramshackle kind of operation in Symmes Township. The house is actually pretty cool. If I were a wild teenager, I'd already be plotting the kinds of parties I'd have there - complete with valet parking.

I talked about it on my MySpace page - Keeneland. My favorite event of Autumn kicks off this weekend, and I am so excited. I am one of those people at the horse track. The people who like to wear the hats, the people who like to get dressed up to the nines. The people who like to smuggle Maker's Mark in their flask. I have very few occasions to wear my big, floppy, burnt orange felt hat, so I am breaking it out for our Saturday outing.

I cannot wait.

57 days until I turn 30.

I am coming to terms with the reality of life - with a big ass birthday bash. The 24 hour party is hitting the road (some of you already know about it).

If you're interested in coming along, shoot me an email. Our destination is all about music, The Parthenon and pancakes.



Anonymous said...

I love the political season. Endless posturing, lots of spin and empty promises warm my flacktacular heart.

In Michigan we've got our choice between the spoiled, bored billionaire and the political hack who has never held any job other than for the government. Yup, it's really inspiring.

I am very jealous of your impending British invasion. Hoist a tepid pint for me, please.

Jeregano said...

Politicians are the LOWEST form of life.

Ladies in big hats, Horses, Bourbon, I love Kentucky!

olr said...

On the political front...That Cranley ad is flippin' funny...The one with 'Chabby' and 'Dubbya'...I laugh every time!!
Remember the poll about political ads? 2% found them informative...2%!!!! Awesome.

Love big hats...So movie star yo.

Kate The Great said...

T- Is the billionaire single? I could give him a little excitement...

J- Yes, I love Kentucky, too. I am so glad Lexington is a mere 80 miles away... That much better to zip down for a visit...

R- Yes, I do believe I've got a bit of "movie star" in me. I really love being a bit dramatic, and don't give a rat's ass what people think!