Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Are You There God? It's Me, Kate

Hey G, It's me.

I just wanted to check in with you and let you know I'm doing well. I've really worked hard to develop an attitude that appreciates and enjoys the station my life is currently experiencing. It's easy to embrace the great job and the busy (and fun) social life, and I am really glad you've helped me fold in some meaning (like the volunteer work, etc.) into these chapters I call Life.

I just wanted to let you know that some people are trying to bring me down about my being single, and I'm trying to be strong through all that negativity.

I can take seeing my friends prosper with expanding families. My Christmas cards reflect a veritable menagerie of beautiful children you've blessed my life with knowing. I enjoy hearing those stories about how Baby X is growing and thinking and learning about this wonderful adventure on Earth.

Those moments are really rad.

I'm just not so down with the tough times like when my kid sister calls me a loser for being 30 and single.

Now, I know the amazing Mickdizzle is brilliant and omniscient and the epitome of wisdom. I just think her aim might be a little off on this latest opinion.

It's these lovely exchanges that truly grate on my strength and determination.

God. I can already hear you. But Kate. She's 20 years old. She doesn't know her ass from her elbow. Why do you give her the time of day? Oy vey.

Well, G. It's not so much that I give credence to what she says (because yes, she is still learning the difference between her posterior and her anterior ligaments), it's just that her kind remarks are akin a mosquito biting away at a brown, bloody scab, trying to peel away my confidence.

And I guess that's when I second guess myself.

Am I alright?
Am I a freak for not being married yet?
Why am I still single, anyway?

The questions start swirling in my noggin and then I begin to doubt my independence and circumstance.

So, God:

Maybe you could do something like put a force field around me blocking all negativity regarding my lack of plus 1 status. Maybe you could whisper little nuggets of positivity in my ear when I'm sleeping.

Or maybe you could just give a swift kick to my sister's ass or elbow.

Whichever one hurts more.

Love, Kate


Jeregano said...

AH POPPYCOCK! (Whatever that actually means)

Your fine. Plenty of great things are going on now. You are enjoying yourself. Great job, busy social life, meaning and giving. You are doing fine. You know who you are now (as much as any of us can judge who we are through the filter of our own eyes) while your sister baerly even knows what's best for her to eat in the morning at this stage in her life. No worries, all things in their due time. Enjoy what you have now and don't be so ready to give away the joy and freedom of singledom so quickly. How much will that trip to Rome be tainted if you spend the whole time thinking about the BF back home that had to work? How much will said BF cut into "me time" before he properly learns the ins and outs of your need for it? BAH! Worry not, it will come.

OK, I think I have managed to squeeze in all the cliches I hear on a regular basis. But it is true, I hope, that if you just wait and enjoy the chances you're given it will happen when the time is right...oh well there is one I left out before.

And there you have Jeregano's two cents. Sorry it is not an answer from god, I lost his cell number and he is on his post holiday ski trip so I couldn't reach him at home.

Denae said...

i love your family like my own. although yours is probably not as strange as mine... much as i love them i'm still thinking about putting M in a headlock until she passes out. sweetheart, don't listen to her. what the hell is she saying? i know many more people married at 21 with 5 kids who i would consider losers. don't you agree? said...

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