Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Roll Call


Welcome to all the new and old friends reading my blog.

Welcome to all the people in Frankfort (yeah, I know about y'all).

Welcome to our friends at Delta (is that you, Honorary Big Sis?)

Welcome to Jeregano at UC and to Southern Son stealing his neighbor's WiFi.

Welcome to our friends in the United Arab Emirates and Canada and Germany and Israel and Egypt and Great Britain (cheerio, D-money!)

And Tennessee.

Welcome to the late night reader at Procter and Gamble and welcome to the friend getting to the blog from my MySpace page.

Welcome to the people searching Google for "peed my pantyhose," "my stomach was upset," "kate's eyelash salon" and pictures of Gwen Stefani.

And welcome to the people searching for my many odes to Dwight Schrute.

It feels so great to know y'all love me.


1 comment:

Jeregano said...

Stat counters are nifty. I love mine!