Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ode to George Bailey

My dear, sweet George:

You embody so many wonderful characteristics of the Perfect Man.

You are, above all else, a Family Man.

You are kind, talented, ambitious and modest.

You are loyal to friends and your sacrifices know no bounds where loved ones are concerned.

George, you are the example I compare every man to.

I love you, George Bailey.

Your movie is my most favorite ever, and every Christmas I anticipate watching you develop into an amazing man who struggles with challenges and personal anguish, only to discover the beauty of human generosity.

George, I think you're amazing. I love how you pine over Mary for years and years and years and I love how you make a joke of yourself when you fall into the pool at the high school dance.

I love how you carry Zuzu's petals in your pocket.

Every Christmas I watch It's A Wonderful Life and I realize just how wonderful my own life is.

And how someday I'll find my own George Bailey.

1 comment:

t2ed said...

Amazing that when this movie came out, it wasn't a hit.

Personally, I like the Tarantino remake where they kick the hell out of Mr. Potter. But then I always was an advocate of self-help dispute resolution.