Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Highly Inappropriate

And yet so funny.

If you appreciate high-brow humor, then perhaps you should move on to another blog.

If you do not like dirty words or saucy topics, then the following video clip is not for you.

If you prefer the kind of humor found in sewing circles and bingo halls (as opposed to the kind of jokes told on elementary school playgrounds) then you should definitely avoid clicking the link below.

The rest of you dirty birds - y'all will really like this one.

ps- I hope Justin Timberlake does not stick with this fashion style.

Double PS - Thanks to Double Platinum for the heads up on this on Monday... (you finally get a shout out...)


Jeregano said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA "Over at your parents house.." "Backstage at the CMAs..." That is hilarious!

Think God I love Low Brow, Dirty Word Laced, Elementry School Playground Humor because I would not have missed that for the world!

glass said...

I had this on the ol DVR waiting for me on Sunday. The rewind button has never had such a workout.

I wish SNL was this funny all the time. (and Timberlake made a GREAT host)

t2ed said...

That's the only Timberlake song I've ever made it all the way through.

And now I've got to find a box for Christmas.

Kate The Great said...

Isn't this great?!

We are still love love loving this at work.

Coming up with all kinds of alternative versions and such.

It's just priceless...

I'm just surprised Justin/Andy aren't wearing those circa 1992 silk watercolor blouse shirts popular with guys back in the day.

olr said...

I know what I want for Christmas yo...Holla!!