Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Illicit Affair

Oh Dwight.

I have been cheating on you for quite some time, and I know it hurts deep inside.

No, not with Ugly Betty, though I think that girl looks cute and helpless in a Molly Ringwald Pretty in Pink kind of way.

And I haven't traded you in for the sweaty dirty people on Survivor: Cook Island.

I've just been too damn busy to check in with the folks in Scranton. Oh, how I miss your office guerrilla warfare. Your tiger like instincts that hone in on the inappropriate office hy-jinks.

And your manliness. Oh, the manliness.

Dwight, hopefully we'll be able to reunite after the holidays. After I'm done with my seasonal volunteer commitments, the many parties and perpetual baking obligations through the holidays.

Until then, my love.


t2ed said...

Dwight sent me an email that said to get back to work.

Kate The Great said...

Dwight should stop sending those emails and get to work, himself!