Monday, December 25, 2006

Redneck Erotica and Other Moments

So. The whole fam damily is in glorious Cincinnati to celebrate Christmas.

We've been passing the time together doing many holiday cliches like catching the Nutcracker at Music Hall and Festival Lights at the zoo.

We've also been hitting the area's culinary highlights - Dee Felice Cafe in Covington, the original Montgomery Inn near my parents' home and our favorite joint for a Cincinnati tradition - Blue Ash Chili (get a six-way. They add deep fried jalapenos to the top of your mound of noodles/chili/beans/onions/cheese).

Saturday night my sister, brother-in-law and I went to the Hofbrauhaus in Newport and the Wine Cellar in Mt. Adams.

Over the course of these lovely experiences, we've had several entertaining conversations - many of these interesting moments involve my mother hearing something completely different from what was uttered.

So, I guess my whole partially deaf thing runs in the family.


There we were, taking the back roads from Montgomery through Indian Hill, destination Symmes Township, when my mom blurted out "What? Redneck erotica?"

I honestly cannot recall what was said. We were likely talking about Christmas gifts or perhaps my BIL was discussing his thesis project for his last semester in grad school at Georgia Tech.

I don't know whether there's a market for Redneck Erotica, or whether that unusual concept even exists. It's almost like that Google game some computer freaks play - pairing unusual words together to find something with no search results.

Remember when Chick Lit was brand new and started a firestorm of talk? Perhaps my mom has invented a literary market just waiting to be tapped.

So, Redneck Erotica. That's the big joke in the family right now. Go figure.

My sister, Bridge, and my BIL are teasing me quite a bit right now. They met at Clemson U. in South Carolina a million years ago for college.

Take one guess as to which school is playing my Kentucky Wildcats in the Music City Bowl next Friday... one guess.

Yes. A family rivalry is always wonderful this time of year.


Here's to wishing you find lots of Redneck Erotica under your Christmas tree and that your family can take (and carry on with) a joke as well as mine can.

Merry Christmas,
Kate the Great

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