Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Best $5 I've Spent All Week

This is Double Platinum.

His desk is across from mine in the newsroom.

DP is pretty much the brother I've never had. We laugh and fight like blood siblings.

Today the laughs were on him - I paid him five bucks to wear a Local 12 tattoo square on his forehead.

Being the good capitalist that he is, DP took me up on that offer.

The newsroom has had some fun at DP's expense during this little challenge. Lots of laughs and odd looks all around. And I caught DP ducking his head down into his desk drawers on more than one occasion, especially when guests were brought in to the newsroom.

Seriously, it's been funnier and cheaper than any big name matinee.

Good times.

I hope it washes off before DP goes to his Body Pump class tonight at Gold's Gym.

1 comment:

Ryan R. Dlugosz said...

That guy is a real tool! By the way, the 'P' in the nickname "DP" doesn't stand for "Platinum"... trust me.