Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Hi all.

I awoke this morning to a kiss on the cheek from my mother. So very reminiscent of childhood, I must say...

We started the morning with an Easter basket hunt (It goes by very quickly when there are only two grown children home) and a Hot Crossed Bun. The New York Times is a Sunday tradition in the household, and so I thought I'd recommend an article perfect for people in their 20s or 30s. Allison Silverman shares a tale about exploring the world with her own two eyes, leaving a nervous-nelly mother behind. (D-Money, you of all people should check it out...)

The Travel section also managed to tug away at my wanderlust, especially with the description of Little Easter in Italy and the 36 hours in Hong Kong.

We made it to church today. I say made it because we were about five minutes late. But hey, at least we showed up, and besides - nobody takes attendance. We had intentions of going to a mass at a church in the next town over, but we made it there and it appeared there wasn't a parking spot in sight (I am a bit skeptical as to whether we actually knew the mass times at that church). We drove back 10 minutes in the other direction to the church where I made my first communion and confirmation. Since my parents returned to this part of the country six months ago, our little fivesome (actually six now) collectively decided we did not like the church of my childhood, but it's nearby and the closest place to give thanks to God. We eventually made it there, got our Body of Christ and made the Kiss of Peace and we are better for it, so I guess all's well that ends well.

After a quaint ride through the suburbs and a stop at the neighborhood Meijer (where the hell to they keep the mint jelly, anyway?) we made it back for margaritas, hummus and shrimp cocktail.

Conventional - one thing my family is not.

The barbecued rack of lamb has not yet actually happened, but for $60 bucks in lamb meat, it better be damn good.

The baklava - yes, it's already a hit.

Is there something wrong with having your dessert before dinner?
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Things on the radar for the week ahead:

I get the Saab back Friday. There are no words to express how I feel about that moment.

Also Friday: I head to my home away from home: The Bluegrass. The ponies are running and it's time to spend a couple bucks at the track.

Next Sunday: There's a rumor my mom and I are going to see a psychic. I'll keep you posted...


Denae said...

obviously another in c-bus soon

Kate The Great said...

That's not a rumor! That's fo sho!

Can't wait to see you. Lots to share :)