Monday, April 02, 2007

Cat Fan For Billy

Dear Lord,

Hey there. It's me, Billy.

I'm praying you'll let my Florida Gators win tonight against the Ohio State Buckeyes. This is it, Big G. The final game of what could be all my years in Gainesville. I've had a great run in the Gator Nation, what with last year's National Championship and tonight's repeat chance.

But, once it's all said and done, all I really want to do is bleed blue in the Bluegrass.

Win or lose, I am so looking forward to head back to a school with a legacy, a tradition of winning. I'm anxious to put my Pitino Protege skills at work in a place that will embrace me and my drive to win. A university that has high expectations and high rewards for teams that achieve greatness in the Big Dance.

A school that will pay me 2.8 million dollars. A year.

For seven years.

Seven years to bring the Wildcats back to the big dance, and relive the glorious, late 90s.


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The Notorious N.A.T said...

Please Lord, Hear OUR PRAYER!!!!