Tuesday, April 03, 2007

You Tube Tuesday

I was trolling You Tube while the rest of you folks were closing your briefcases and hitting the interstate to go home.

Here's the best of what I found.

Alanis doing Fergie.

If you don't want to watch the whole thing, at least fast forward to about 3:15 in when she sings that absurd chorus.

Here's a little something from the BBC on "The most hated family in America."


Rosie O'Donnell's latest controversial blip. You were working while it was on tee vee, I was attending to other business as well. Now we can all see what ET and the morning shows are all talking about.

I must admit, she has a few interesting points... and I hate that twit, Elizabeth.

Folks in Cincinnati are talking about Mayor Mark Mallory's baseball blunder - an errant first pitch that sailed far and away from home plate.

Th-th-thats all for now, folks.

1 comment:

The Notorious N.A.T said...

Okay, thank you for my 20-minutes of just arriving to work fun. My thoughts for each as follows:

1) That song sounds really absurd now that Alanis has sung it. I don't think I realized what half of the words were until watching this. Hillarious.

2) You know, I wonder if these idiotic morons have ever stopped to wonder "What if we're wrong?" What if they have twisted God's message so far that they have become the epitome of idiotic, moronic assholes? Hmmmm. Maybe they should stop to think.

3) Elizabeth Hasseltwat is a MORON. I'm not sure what dream world she's livin in but my current world looks much more like the one Rosie's painting. You feel me, dog? Yaaaaa....

4) Maybe the mayor of the 'Nati should have practiced once or twice before making a total fool out of himself. I mean, really. It's sad when I could have thrown a ball better...

Can't wait to play with you next Fridizzle!