Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Crystal Ball

Hello, Psychic Friend.

I imagine you already know you'll be giving me a reading and stuff considering, well, you can see into the future and all. I have some ground rules I'd like to establish before we get started on that mystical path of life that transcends the present.

First, I am really not so much a big fan of misery. I've had my brush with personal devastation and am really not looking for a heads up on when I may die. This is one of those occasions where Less is More. My life lines may tell you that I'm destined to be run over by a Metro bus next week (which would be highly ironic, don't you think?), but how about you keep that nugget between you and my lifeline, mkay?

I'm perfectly content to live my life, no matter how short, thinking it's going to go on forever.

Also, I really wanna get married. That's not so much a secret in these parts. I've written tomes about how I was thrust into this world to care and love a husband and my own children. Please, please, please don't feed me any bull shit on this aspect of my life. Don't make up things you don't see. Don't tell me I'm going to fall in love with some hot Italian day trader (you can't get better than rich AND handsome) when in reality my destiny is a dog the four legged kind and a permanent supply of Ol' Roy.

Tell it to me straight, sister. I'm a big girl...

And here's a thought: how about you and I work together to shake out the positives of my future? It's nice to have something to look forward to, and I think it would be -super- if you gave me a few nuggets that will keep me going when the going gets tough.


The Victory of Light Psychic Festival runs this Saturday and Sunday at the Sharonville Convention Center. Admission is 10 bucks, readings are between $20 and $30.


JenJen said...

Speaking of ironic...

Kate The Great said...

jenjen- yes, isn't that hilarious? I posted that a week ago, the newroom has been having a field day with it. Alanis has such a beautiful voice, she makes totally absurd lyrics at least sound beautiful...