Friday, April 06, 2007

The Bitch Is Back

Sorry for the absence in post yesterday.

I had a splitting headache that was precipitated by the loud neighbors who live above me and also (I'm not kidding about this next part) a cat fight on my back patio.

Unfortunately the patio is right behind my bedroom window. Even more unfortunate is the fact these two cats were pretty damn tenacious so there was lots of belly aching, screeching and moaning.

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Wednesday night I had the most fun evening with some of my girlfriends.

We met at Cincinnati's most acclaimed Mediterranean restaurant for a drink before heading to the art museum for One World Wednesday. OWW is a monthly gathering of young professionals that features an international theme. Last night was Budapest, Hungary. I almost went to Budapest when I was a child and so I decided the OWW event would come in as a close second in regards to a cultural excursion.

My friends and I decided to take advantage of the cultural experience - an offer to paint ceramic plates as they do in Hungary. Our creation (picture five diverse friends circled around a white plate, a swarm of arms and hands pouring out a vibrant kaleidoscope of color) looked more like a Miro creation than an artistic, geometric pattern of Eastern Europe.

We tried borscht, some paprika potato dish and a couple Hungarian wines, and then were treated to the latest club tracks from Budapest.

Afterwards, we went back to Andy's for a drink and the free appetizer offered to all One Worlders. We tried the hummus and labneh, and between the two - the latter was much better. I'd never had labneh before and was quite surprised by the tangy flavor of the yogurt dip.

Our table also ordered a hookah pipe. I was vaguely familiar with the idea the tobacco came in a wide array of flavors - apple, strawberry, mango, melon and rose. Our table got the melon version - the smoke smelled so good. It was such a novel experience in little Cincinnati Ohio USA - so cosmopolitan and other wordly.


I can't wait until I can go to South Africa next month.

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