Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Allergic Affliction

Seasonal allergies are destroying me.

I am itchy from my head to my toes, my throat is covered with a blanket of phlegm and I am constantly coughing and wheezing. I am still rocking my Phone Sex voice but that's small consolation for the other Spring time annoyances that come with the influx of pollen.

My eyes itch. My skin itches. Even my inner ears itch. Last night my only bedtime comfort was dreams of stabbing my auditory canal with a blunt pencil.

Such is life living in the allergy-rampant Tri-State.

My health reporter did offer a positive nugget for my Springtime plight: apparently a local health research company is conducting a study on seasonal allergies, offering a 700 dollar payout.

Thank you, hay fever.

*** *** *** ***

Saturday offers an unusual decision:

Will you order a margarita or a mint julep at the bar?

This weekend celebrates the sometime combination of Derby Day and Cinco de Mayo.

After spending ten years of my life in the Bluegrass (I miss you, Ramsey's, Magee's, Atomic Cafe, Alfalfa), I have developed quite a penchant for bourbon and the number of associated concoctions. That said, I will likely choose margarita over mint julep. Something about the refreshing combination of tart lime and salt, and of course the tequila, which I also discovered while at UK.

I so, so wish I could make it to Kentucky for the Derby.

My graveyard shift Saturday morning (two Saturdays to go before normalcy returns) leads me to believe I will be too bushed for a trip anywhere south of the Ohio River. I will, however, make a quick run to my nearest racetrack to place my Derby bets before heading to a race day get-together.

Likely with a Derby Pie in tow.

The field of contenders is vast. Some analysts say Curlin is the way to go (and really, you can't go wrong with jockey Robby Albarado), while trainer Carl Nafzger says his Street Sense is the unbeatable choice.

Me? I like the name of Scat Daddy and the black and white silks of Cowtown Cat.

We'll see.

Last time I bet on the ponies, I dropped a $24 bet in an attempt to recoup the day's losses.

And I lost again. I hate that damn Exacta Box.
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If you can't make it to the Derby, Cincinnati's Fountain Square is hosting a Derby On The Square event, complete with mint juleps, food and the local Derby tradition of cornhole. The event runs from 4 to 10 pm and is sponsored by Give Back Cincinnati. Be sure to bring the Claritin if you're battling allergies, too.

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t2ed said...

Somewhere the guys from Poison are kicking themselves for not copyrighting the phrase "Talk Derby to Me."