Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Something To Look Forward To

I started 2007 in a bit of a funk because I didn't really have a special vacation to anticipate.

My ol' standby vacation on the Connecticut coast wasn't an option after my parents moved away from their stellar home two blocks away from the ocean.

And I never thought I'd be able to trump my marquee trip of 2006 - a jaunt across The Pond to see my dear D Money in Jolly Old London.

Well, Kate the Great has stopped worrying her pretty little head (is it that pretty?) over how to burn this year's vacation time.

I'll just have to go back to London.

I decided to take another trip to see my dear friend while she's still living abroad, and this time tack on another leg to the journey to explore parts unknown.


My sister, Bridge, lived in Ireland for a time and waxed poetic about her time visiting the city known for canals, beer and coffee houses.

Anyone else been to the Netherlands? What are the Must Sees in Amsterdam? Anne Frank's House tops my list, but I'm sure there are plenty of other spots to visit...

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Denae said...

I was just thinking about our girls' trip today. I look forward to discovering a new culture with you and enjoying a cuppa in the local cafes. Hahahaha.