Thursday, May 03, 2007

Taste This

There are few things that make me happier than good food and good drink.

I suppose that's why I've come to accept my curvy inclinations - I've always said I'd rather be fat and happy than skinny and bitchy.

The fact is, I find immense joy in exceptional food, whether it be of the fancy gourmet kind or the more simplistic but equally tasty homespun version.

This morning my mouth is already salivating over the delicious choices I'll have to weigh when I have brunch with a friend at my favorite Cincinnati restaurant Saturday.
  • Eggs Benedict with a slice of homemade brioche
  • Omelet with veggies, Gruyere cheese and creme fraiche
  • Croissant with avocado and brie

How can you not be hungry after reading that short list?

The fact is, I have a foodie fascination with Jean Robert de Cavel, the brains behind Greenup Cafe and several other fine establishments, and also Cincinnati's arbiter of all things culinary.

Every newspaper article describes de Cavel as eclectic and humble and yet particular about his edible endeavors. The chef's newest venture will be another Cincinnati restaurant very similar to Greenup but stationed in the rough but rising Over-the-Rhine.

Oh, Jean Robert. You know the way to my heart, indeed.

I have a soft spot for OTR. Perhaps it's the stunning, timeless architecture, perhaps it's the convergence of the classes. Whatever the case, I love this Cincinnati neighborhood that's struggling to make a turn out of the ghetto.

I am eying the neighborhood as a possible location for my first foray into home ownership. I so love the loft style condos OTR offers, what with their exposed brick, industrial-styled kitchens and cathedral ceilings.

This weekend you can check out Cincinnati's premier chef and OTR, in one fell swoop.

Jean Robert will be on hand to visit with people and answer questions at the first Second Sunday on Main event of the year.

You can even get a reading from one of the area's many psychics.

Far out.

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