Friday, May 25, 2007


She looks at the moon and wonders if he's looking at it, too.

She remembers a time when she had to lift her chin to stare into his eyes. Her mind races to that time, that past, and wonders if she'll ever see him again. If she'll ever have a conversation with that soul, in a space when no words are spoken.

Her life moved on, but sometimes her heart is stuck in yesterday.

He looks at that same moon. Miles away in a different state, a different frame of mind, but in the same plane of reflection.

He looks up at the shining sky and thinks about the time, that brief space in life when they were one. One soul, one heart, one passion. And yet so much static was in the way of their greatness. So much pride and so much ego.

His life moved on, and sometimes his heart wants to change tomorrow.

And so sometimes she thinks about him when she's melancholy. She thinks about him when she's reflective. And he thinks about her when he's dreaming. Thinks about her when he's wishful.

But so much goes unsaid.

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