Monday, May 14, 2007

To Pop Or Not To Pop

The massive zit on my cheek hurts so bad.

I dream of squeezing it and relieving myself of this wretched, cruel echo of my younger years.

I fantasize about taking a small pin and shoving it through the center of the follicle, releasing the pent up pestilence.

My fingers graze the protruding bump, second guessing my preserving discipline.

I know that any entanglement with the offensive blemish will leave behind an even less attractive mark.

My, adulthood blesses us with some wicked trinkets of youth.


Me! said...

Do it. Don't mind the scarring or the mirror splatter. Must. Pop. (Or at least that is my philosophy).

Kate The Great said...

GAC! So great to hear from you... Where'd you go? I noticed yor blog is MIA!!!

Me! said...

Too many people at work were reading it. I deleted the whole thing. I should have renamed my blog but didn't think of that option until I was already done. I'm going to start blogging again... still thinking of a catchy name. ;-) Plus I miss keeping in touch with blog buddies. :-)