Thursday, May 17, 2007


I'm supposed to be finishing Beloved right now.

It's an incredible read of colorful words that wind around a story set in Cincinnati during the era of slavery. Toni Morrison can take your breath away with her imagery. I just can't get my mind to commit to it right now.

Instead my brain is dancing around the events to unfold over the next three evenings. Tonight I'm catching up with my gal-pals in Newport for our book club reading. I've missed commiserating with my Junior League friends over fishbowl sized glasses of red wine and juicy gossip. There's something so warm and welcome about trusting friends.

Friday is an annual (although considering the last one was in October, I suppose that makes it bi-annual?) get-together with friends. I was in London for the last fete so I am looking forward to this unusual pairing of margaritas, a keg and BB guns. Yes, I said BB guns. I'm told someone got shot in the hand at the last party.

I don't know that I'm signing up to participate in that party trick. One thing I'm up for: the Pimp Cup competition. I'm the last person you'd expect to roll like a gangsta (What up, East Side!) but I can work a glue gun like a mean bitch. I'm thinking my Pimp Cup is gonna have lots of sparkles, maybe some feathers and an homage to my pimp name The Reverend Doctor Slim.

Saturday is going to be an evening that sparkles. I'm anxious to see the Twyla Tharp performance by the Cincinnati Ballet. She's quite an accomplished choreographer who has helped define today's modern ballet movement. Afterwards, it's cocktails at one of Cincinnati's hippest bars. I love love love Beluga. It's this amazing, sleek cocktail bar that will instantly make you feel like you’re in NYC, L.A. or Vegas. A DJ spins house music and the people are deliciously attractive to watch. You can't beat the cocktails (well, okay. They're damn pricey but worth every alcohol laden drop) and the sushi bar serves up your favorite rolls until the wee hours of the morning.

I'm going to be wiped out...

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