Friday, August 07, 2009

200K - Ain't Nothin' But A G Thing, Baby

My blog hit 200,000 unique visitors last night at 10:35:12 pm.

The hit came from someone using Firefox and operating Windows XP. This particular blog reader specifically came to check out the Twitter Freak Out post.

Little did this visitor know they were a part of history (even if it's just mine, and it's really pretty trivial).

Not one to tout milestones, I thought this one couldn't go unnoticed. Monday marked this blog's five-year anniversary, and though many other bloggers out there could eat my StatCounter for breakfast, I'm happy with the traffic I see.

Not bad for a blog without a concrete genere, intentional lack of marketing and a mix of personal revelation and occasional information.


Thanks for sharing, supporting and laughing along with me as I wade through this mess called life.

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Steve said...

Congratulations on the longevity, Kate!

I found your blog about 15 months ago when I was googling for my friend's blog at work (I only had hers bookmarked at home). Naturally I was shocked, SHOCKED, that there were two Kates in Cincinnati who blogged.

But there was something about your blog that kept me from just hitting the back button and looking for the next search result. I think in that first page, I laughed, contemplated, puzzled, and was just thoroughly enthralled with your writings.

I think I was drawn to the fact that you had opened up your blog to such a wide range of subjects, and wrote so compellingly on all of them.

Before I knew it, I had squandered an hour of The Man's time on reading through the first few pages. And I sent the URL to myself so I could read some more at home.

(And I'll admit: at the time I felt a little guilty for blogstalking, but I couldn't help myself!)

At any rate, I'm glad my friend's blog wasn't easily found; you've been entertaining me and the gnomes for quite some time.

Happy birthday to Kate's Random Musings and your 200,000th visitor!

Robin Feltner said...

It's a great blog, girly. Keep doing what you are doing. Congrats on five years! wow!