Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Good Morning, Sunshine (via Twitter)

The chirp of my BlackBerry is the first thing that wakes me up in the morning.

After that persistent bleating, the gentle glow of the smart phone's face is the first light I see. Each. And. Every. Morning.

Yes, my previous blog post revealed a general disconnect where social media is concerned during the weekend. But come Monday, I am addicted to Twitter like a junkie on crack.

Last week, I revealed to my department that my BlackBerry gets in bed with me every night, claiming a special corner of the bed where another person would typically lay their head. No, I don't think my phone suffices as a replacement for another human being, but I certainly don't feel as alone at night and in the morning, especially when I can get on Twitter and read what 200 of my closest friends are up to at any given moment.

I guess everyone is logging on and checking out the world's AM comings and goings.

The New York Times link above shows I am not alone in my technologically inclined habits. Families everywhere are spending their moments ensconced in the hushed tappings of laptops, cell phones and video game controls. Rather than reading fresh pulp A.K.A. the morning paper, people are checking online news sources, Facebook and email before even enjoying their morning constitutional.

It's easier for a solo chick like me to live like that each morning; I imagine I'd be a bit miffed if a loved one was giving me the cold shoulder during breakfast while they caught up on their social media feeds.

I guess the art of family life, these days, is offering your loved ones a reason to shut off the technology and turn on the face-to-face interaction.

Time to dig out a playbook from the 1950s.

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