Monday, August 31, 2009

Kyrie Eleison

She walked out of Mass dancing and singing.

My non-Catholic friend bubbled with faith and energy after leaving Xavier University's Bellarmine Chapel and its evening service.

Over some late afternoon sushi, she envited me to tag along, waxing poetic about Jesuit philosophy and the fellowship she's enjoyed since exploring her spirituality.

I shared with her that May 13 was the last time I went to Mass - a wham, bam 20 minute service I attended to honor Maeve's passing. More spiritual than religious, I knew I was in for a check-up.

The crux of the pastor's homily centered on service for others - What are you doing to give of yourself to others? It was a touchpoint I've been mulling lately - how can I give my time while taking care of my own obligations and life elements?

I am grateful I've been given the gift of appreciation. My life isn't perfect, but I'm all too aware of my blessings and fully realize part of gratitude is sharing your gifts with others.

Last night, my friend shared her own gift with me.

Positive energy, optimism, open kindness - these are the things we're meant to pass on to one another.

I must remember that.

I must strive to accomplish that daily.

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