Monday, March 15, 2010

All The News That's Fit To Print

If I could eat the New York Times, I would swallow it whole and then lick the plate.

I can't get enough of that hallowed newsprint. There is something so decadent and romantic about unfurling the broad pages of Sunday's edition with a cup of coffee on the table amidst the energetic sunshine of a dawning day.

Sadly, I consume most of my NYT online. Rather than devouring the fish wrap in one setting, I parcel it out in bite sized pieces, quickly savored in between copywriting or the evening's primetime schedule.

Here's a good look at some of the nuggets I think everyone should enjoy - whenever you may have the time.

The Frugal Traveler in San Francisco With His Year-Old Daughter
I swear to God, this guy likely passed us on the street a time or two. We seemed to hit up the same places when visiting in January; by the looks of his schedule, we were visiting the same places on the same days. Wild. California Academy of Sciences, The Mission District, The Museum of Modern Art - I could have written this article. Well, except I don't have a year-old daughter.

Lessons in Love From The London Stage
I was just talking to someone about London theatre last Friday evening. I've been lucky enough to see a few productions in the West End; it is delicious having a great play unfold around you while you are already enveloped by the surreal experience that is international travel. This London revival of A Midsummer Night's Dream sounds interesting, especially with the esteemed Judi Dench. I like the line Ben Brantley penned about the Dame's portrayal of Titiana, "Ms. Dench makes it clear that in acting, what really counts isn’t whom one loves but how one loves." Sometimes I wonder if that's what counts in real life, too.

Fish That You Can Invite To A Dinner Party
Fish can be risky business - it involves a narrow window of time to achieve perfection. Undercooked, and you have something that could pass for sushi; overdone involves a dry, flaky mess of flesh not fit for the family dog. I tend to prepare fish solo - not by choice, but because I rarely cook for large groups of people. That said, whenever I DO embark on entertaining, it usually involves something of the beef/pork/chicken/vegetable persuasion. This recipe of halibut with lemons, olives and rosemary sounds positively spring like, and it's something I intend on exploring in the not-too-distant future.

The Obesity-Hunger Paradox
I am grateful to know I have the income to buy all the fruits and vegetables I desire. I am also simultaneously saddened and frustrated in knowing so many low income families are unable to eat healthy because it carries a high price tag. Think about it for a minute. Have you ever compared the price differential between "conventional" bananas and the organic version? I'm guessing you go with the best, conventional bananas that Chiquita has to offer. Financially struggling families make the same comparison between a bunch of regular bananas and, oh, a low-end frozen pizza. The pizza is cheaper and will feed more people - and it's also far less healthy. The income gap is a significant driver for obesity; I am so impressed by the work of Cincinnati's FreestoreFoodbank and other places that strive to offer children and adults in need healthy dining options. (ed. note - I also highly suggest people explore the Angelfood Ministries, which offers people of all incomes fresh produce and other groceries at a very affordable price).

Pockets and Purses Give Up Their Secrets
Someday, I am certain I am going to pull out a floor lamp - complete with a glass Tiffany shade - out of my purse. My camel colored Coach Ergo bag weighs more than a human baby, and is a collection of random fracas at any given moment. Right now, that collection includes a single, leopard print glove, a "Kiss Me I'm Irish" pin, at least three kinds of lotion, a cloth coffee sleeve and a matted photo of the Roebling Bridge. It seems I am not the only one guilty of toting around a notorious amount of junk - take a look at these photos for a glimpse of what other people consider a necessity.

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great review of articles. I love angel food ministries, though i dont have access here in my state they do have some excellent offers.